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Founded in 1986.


Introduced single-piece poppet-style link in 1986.


Introduced inserted mandrel assembly in 1986.


Introduced inserted wiper die in 1987.


Introduced interlocked inserted wiper die in 1994.


Published the "forward mandrel, low pressure" four-step set-up for mandrel tube-bending applications in 1995.


Introduced reverse-mount inserted wiper die in 1996.


Introduced taper-leafed rotary-draw die set for square and rectangular tubing in 1997.


Developed the offset-geometry feathered edge for wiper tooling -- a.k.a. the Aero-Cut -- in 1998.


Published the "Rotary-Draw Tooling Guide" in 2001.


Published the Bend Tooling Encyclopedia in 2002.


Introduced shock-resistant rotary-draw die set in 2003.


Developed the only fully CNC process for machining wiper feathered edges in the industry in 2003.


Launched Level 1 Datafacturing for the production of rotary-draw tooling in 2005.


Filed patent for the Shaping Center non-rotary machining center in 2006.


Received patent for the Bend Tooling High-Pressure Wiper System for high-pressure mandrel tube-bending in 2008.


Capabilities & Qualifications



State-of-the-art advanced manufacturing plant.


CNC machining capacity for tool sets up to 8" TOD x 16" CLR (200mm TOD x 400mm CLR).


Licensed Datafacturing facility.


ISO9001:2000 registered.


SBA-certified HUBZone manufacturer, qualified as a supplier for Section 8(A) set-aside programs.


Listed in the Central Contractor Registration for government and military buyers:  DUNS 151935525 / CAGE Code 5JMG8 / SIC 3542, 3544 / NAICS 333513, 332710 / PSC 3441 / FSC 3441.


Member of the SME's Tube & Pipe Technologies Group.


Member of the TPA and ITA industry groups.


Datafacturing:  Where Metal Meets the Information Age


It's a Made-to-Order World


Two centuries ago firearms manufacturer Samuel Colt exemplified the first wave of the Industrial Revolution.  He automated the production of his famous revolvers with standardized, interchangeable, machine-made components.  The result was an inexpensive, reliable, high-performance pistol.  Other manufacturers followed suit and brought mass production to the world.


A century ago automaker Henry Ford inaugurated the second wave of the Industrial Revolution with the assembly line.  Now even highly complex precision machines like the automobile were produced for the masses, as demonstrated by the success of the Model T.  It was everything the man in the street wanted in a car, so long as he wanted it in black.


Today we want our things made-to-order, made right now, and made affordable.  We want all of the benefits of mass production without its one-size-fits-all characteristics.  Welcome to the company that squares that circle with Datafacturing, a custom manufacturing service that uses an enterprise information system to automate at the point-of-execution (i.e., workcenter) the manufacture of custom products like rotary-draw tube-bending tools.  That is how Bend Tooling can give you more for less:  Top-notch quality with quicker delivery at lower prices. 


Welcome to the Third Wave of the Industrial Revolution.




Welcome to the water-winter-wonderland of West Michigan and its "capital", Grand Rapids.  We are located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, a metropolitan area of about 500,000 people in the middle of the one the world's foremost manufacturing regions, the Great Lakes.  The city is one of leading centers in North America for ETO (engineer-to-order) manufacturing and a primary supplier for the office furniture and automobile industries.


Grand Rapids is home to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and the world-famous Meijer Gardens, which features the great bronze statue Da Vinci's Horse.  We are less than a three-hour drive from Chicago, Detroit, and northern Michigan's "gold coast" resorts and world-renowned golf courses of Traverse City, Charlevoix, and Harbor Springs.


We are only a half-hour away from the turquoise waters and the golden dunes of Lake Michigan to the west.  The towering Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is up the coast.  Down the coast are the vineyards that produce Michigan's award-winning wines.  Not much beyond that is the engineering marvel of the Mackinac Bridge and the wilderness of the Upper Peninsula.


All of which makes Grand Rapids a great place to live and work.




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