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Expert Tooling Solutions for End-Users, Builders and Distributors of Rotary-Draw Tube-Bending Machines

For two decades Bend Tooling Inc. has manufactured innovative products for rotary-draw tube-bending including inserted mandrels and wipers, single-piece poppet links for high-production tube-bending, the offset-geometry wiper feathered edge for high-pressure tube-bending, and tapered-leaf die sets for easy loading and unloading of square and rectangular tubes.

Bend Tooling has now drawn upon this experience to provide an engineer-to-order tooling service for builders and distributors of rotary-draw tube-bending machines.  This is a complete design-and-build tooling service starting from raw data or samples.  It includes expert recommendations on how to process a tube bend ranging from the use of standard sets for single-bend jobs to stacked sets with compound clamps for multi-bend applications to elliptical tooling for hydroforming pre-bend operations.

Bend Tooling also provides tool set-up parameters, troubleshooting advice, and technical bulletins to facilitate process control in tube-bending operations.

Bend Tooling die sets are available in a number of styles:  Inserted, double-inserted, quick-change, integrated stack, platform, and tapered-leaf.  Mandrel and wiper tooling are also available in different styles, inserted and solid-body.  Bend Tooling uses Datafacturing™, an automated manufacturing technology, to quickly deliver top-quality tool sets to machine-builders and distributors. 

All Bend Tooling products are precision-machined to completion — no hand-working —including wiper feathered edges.  All die sets feature a proprietary metallurgy and heat treatment for precision, toughness, and durability.  All mandrels and wipers are manufactured from high-quality nickel-aluminum-bronze, aluminum-bronze, and alloy steels.


OEM Tooling Service For Builders and Distributors of Rotary-Draw Tube Bending Machines


  • Bend Tooling has had the same ownership, management, and engineering team for over thirty years.

  • We are the experts at design, manufacture, and set-up of mandrel tube-bending applications from your raw data.


  • We introduced inserted mandrels and wipers.

  • We pioneered the use of single-piece poppet links for high-production tube-bending.

  • We invented the tapered-leaf die set for square and rectangular tube-bending.

Top Quality

  • Our products and their features are proven and field-tested (see below).

  • We precision machine die sets, mandrels, and wipers complete — no hand-working.

  • We use the best materials for our products.

Fast Delivery

  • We typically ship standard mandrels and wipers in two to three weeks or less.

  • We typically ship standard die sets four to five weeks after confirming specifications.


Standard Tooling Features for Most Makes and Models of Rotary-Draw Tube Benders

Die Sets

  • Round, square, rectangular, oval, and elliptical tube.

  • Inserted, stacked, platform, and tapered-leaf styles.

  • Compound clamps, simple and complex.

  • Precision machined, heat treated, and finished.

  • Proprietary metallurgy for shock-resistance and long tool life.


  • Inserted and solid-body styles.

  • Rugged, heavy-duty, single-piece poppet links.

  • Regular pitch, close pitch, and extra-close pitch balls.

  • Design optimized for "forward-mandrel" set-up.

  • Aluminum-bronze, nickel aluminum-bronze, and hard-chromed plated steel components.


  • Inserted and solid-body styles.

  • Half-round and square-back holders.

  • Patent-pending inserted wiper system for high-pressure tube-bending.

  • Fully precision-machined feathered edge.

  • Aluminum-bronze and alloy steel components.

For more information, contact Steve Parrow ( by e-mail, fax(616-454-9958), or phone (toll-free 1-800-284-8823 or 616-454-9965).