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Inserted, Solid-Body, and High Pressure Wiper Dies and Components for Rotary-Draw Tube Bending


Bend Tooling's industry-leading inserted wiper die is our most popular product.  Over the past twenty years we have perfected the design and manufacture of our inserted wiper line, and no one else comes close to our quality, price, and speed of delivery.


We also manufacture traditional "aircraft-quality" square-back solid-body wiper dies plus we have a resharpening service for these tools (including those made by our competitors).  Square-back solid-body wiper dies are excellent for high-pressure tube-bending jobs that require the wiper to be set at zero-rake.  However, they are relatively costly to purchase and then recondition as they wear.


Consequently, Bend Tooling has introduced a new wiper product, our patented High-Pressure Wiper System® (U.S. Patent No. 2008/0202189-A1).  This new tool combines the best features of a traditional solid wiper and a modern inserted wiper for cost-efficient high-performance for high-pressure rotary-draw tube-bending.  If you are bending stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, or tight-radius tube bends, ask us about this effective alternative to solid square-back wipers.


Whether inserted or solid, all of our wipers have a fully machined feathered edge.  Unlike our competitors, there is no manual honing or sanding of the feathered edge.  Bend Tooling precision machines this essential attribute of the wiper die.  Do not settle for less.



Our wiper tooling line features the following:

  • Standard inserted and solid wipers available for round tubing; custom solid-body "flat" wipers for square and rectangular tubing.

  • Standard tooling available for tube diameters from .875" to 5" (22mm to 125mm).  (Call us about other sizes.)

  • Precision machined feathered edge.  [TECH ARTICLE ON FEATHERED EDGES.]

  • Simple-sweep feathered edge geometry for most jobs and off-set geometry for stainless, titanium, and other high-pressure tube-bending.

  • Bore and radius faces micro-finished to 32 or better.

  • Dozens of standard mounting patterns (both inch and metric) are standard at no extra cost.

  • Half-round alloy steel holders standard for inserted wipers.

  • Wiper inserts available in aluminum-bronze and leaded steel.

  • Inserts attach to the holders through the bore for easier replacement on the machine.

  • Square-back aluminum-bronze or leaded steel bodies standard for solid wipers.

  • Sold as complete assemblies and individual replacement wiper inserts.




For Price and Delivery


Contact Steve Parrow ( by e-mail, fax (616-454-9958), or phone (616-454-9965 or toll-free 1-800-284-8823).  Click here to print out a quotation request form you can use.  Send us the following information about your tube-bending application, and we will specify for you the wiper you need:

  • Tube diameter,

  • Centerline radius of bend,

  • Tube material,

  • Mounting pattern your machine requires.

Otherwise, you can specify your own wiper if you tell us:

  • Body style (inserted or solid),

  • Tube diameter,

  • Centerline radius of bend,

  • Tooling material,

  • Mounting pattern.

Click here for full information on how to request a quotation for wiper tooling from Bend Tooling.

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