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Inserted And Solid-Body Mandrel Assemblies And Components For Rotary-Draw Tube Bending


We can supply you with both our standard-setting inserted mandrel assembly and the traditional "aircraft-quality" solid-body alternative.  Almost any job a solid-body can do, the inserted one can also with all the advantages noted above.  However, if you have a tube-bend application that must be done under high direct pressure, you may find a solid-body mandrel will work better.  (Call us for our recommendation.)



Our mandrel tooling line features the following:

  • Standard tooling available for round, square, and rectangular tubing.  (Call us regarding other shapes.)

  • Standard tooling available for tube diameters from .875" to 5.563" (22mm to 140mm).

  • Plugs available for smaller diameters; custom ball-mandrels for larger diameters.)

  • 1-"D" bending capacity.

  • Large nose radius for most jobs and sharp nose radius for stainless steel, titanium, tight-radius, and high-pressure tube-bending.

  • Regular-pitch, close-pitch, and extra close-pitch balls.

  • Heavy-duty, single-piece, snap-together poppet-style links in all sizes.  [TECH ARTICLE ON POPPET LINKS.]

  • Vented mandrel body for "through the mandrel" automated lubrication.

  • Wide wrench flats for easier attachment to the machine.

  • Dozens of mandrel thread specifications (both inch and metric) are standard at no extra cost.

  • Nickel-aluminum-bronze* or hard-chromed alloy steel mandrel balls and nose inserts.

  • Sold as complete assemblies, sub-assemblies, and individual replacement components.  [INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO ON ASSEMBLY OF POPPET-LINK MANDRELS.]

* For mandrels smaller than 3" (76mm) in diameter.  For larger mandrels, non-nickel aluminum-bronze is available.




For Price And Delivery


Contact Steve Parrow (, by e-mail, fax (616-454-9958), or phone (616-454-9965 or toll-free 1-800-284-8823).  Click here to print out a quotation request form you can use.  Send us the following information about your tube-bending application, and we will specify for you the mandrel you need:

  • Tube shape and size,

  • Wall thickness (including height of seam if significant),

  • Centerline radius of bend,

  • Tube material,

  • Mandrel threading (if not the typical specification for its size).

Otherwise, you can specify your own mandrel if you tell us:

  • Body style (inserted or solid),

  • Shape and mandrel nose size,

  • Number of mandrel balls,

  • Tooling material,

  • Mandrel threading.

Click here for full information on how to request a quotation for mandrel tooling from Bend Tooling.

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