Bend Tooling Encyclopedia™

Welcome to the industry’s only comprehensive resource for the terminology used in rotary-draw tube-bending. The primary objective of the Bend Tooling Encyclopedia™ is to define the various words and phrases in use in the tube-bending community in order to ensure that even if we are not speaking the exact same language, we do understand each other.

The Bend Tooling Encyclopedia™ builds upon the glossary John Gillanders authored in his widely-circulated guide to tube-bending, Pipe and Tube Bending Manual — and then some. More than a dictionary, it contains extensive articles on key subjects which not only provide definitions but also the concepts, applications, practices, and relationships to other subjects behind the term in question.

An abridged form of the Bend Tooling Encyclopedia™ appeared as a series of articles in “The Tube & Pipe Journal”. It is also the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ official guide for tube-bending terminology.

As always, we ask members of the tube-bending community to advise us on corrections, additions, and new terms. Your input is especially helpful in identifying local variations in terminology.