Inserted And Solid-Body Mandrel Assemblies And Components For Rotary-Draw Tube Bending

Thirty years ago we introduced inserted mandrel and wiper tooling to the tube-bending industry. Our continuous improvement of inserted tooling design and manufacture (via Datafacturing®) has set the standard.

Our mandrel tooling line features the following:

  • Standard tooling available for round, square, and rectangular tubing.
  • Standard tooling available for tube diameters from .875″ to 5.563″ (22mm to 140mm).
  • Plugs available for smaller diameters; custom ball-mandrels for larger diameters.
  • 1-“D” bending capacity.
  • Large nose radius for most jobs and sharp nose radius for stainless steel, titanium, tight-radius, and high-pressure tube-bending.
  • Regular-pitch, close-pitch, and extra close-pitch balls.
  • Heavy-duty, single-piece, snap-together poppet-style links in all sizes.
  • Vented mandrel body for “through the mandrel” automated lubrication.
  • Wide wrench flats for easier attachment to the machine.
  • Dozens of mandrel thread specifications (both inch and metric) are standard at no extra cost.
  • Nickel-aluminum-bronze* or hard-chromed alloy steel mandrel balls and nose inserts.
  • Sold as complete assemblies, sub-assemblies, and individual replacement components.
    • Insert (or mandrel) link screws.
    • Assembly kits for links (detent ball, detent spring, and retaining ring).
    • Assembly tools for our poppet-style links.

* For mandrels smaller than 4″ (101.6mm) in diameter. For larger mandrels, non-nickel aluminum-bronze is available.

Instructional Video for Mandrel Assembly

Step-by-step video demonstrating the assembly and disassembly of Bend Tooling’s tough high-performance poppet-link mandrel assemblies. Includes information on how to do it and what tools you need to do it. For complete printed instructions, download our “Rotary Draw Tube Bending Guide”.

The Mandrel Nose Placement Calculator

This is a very helpful interactive utility that calculates the ideal placement of the mandrel nose. It also generates the ideal mandrel nose diameter for your specific application. This set-up tool should be used in conjunction with the “Forward Mandrel, Low Pressure” set-up technique outlined in our “Rotary Draw Tube Bending Guide”.

Requests for Quotation

For price and delivery of our rotary-draw tube-bending products, including complete sets of tools, mandrel tooling and wiper tooling, please submit an online request.

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