A relatively uncommon type of bend die in which the die block — i.e., that portion of the tool containing the tube cavity — is mounted upon or integrated with a platform. The purpose of the platform is either: [1] To provide a stable base upon the machine’s bend head for a relatively small die block; or [2] to form a flange that is drilled and counterbored with a bolt-hole circle in order to screw onto the bend head a die block too small to accommodate a mounting post. As indicated by these purposes, a platform bend die is required when the centerline radius of an application is much smaller than would be typical of a machine of given size or if the combination of tube diameter and centerline radius creates a bend die cross-section too small to allow the die block to be drilled out for a mounting post. Because platform bend dies are expensive, they should be avoided when possible. Therefore, in the former instance, serious consideration should be given to using a smaller machine, and in the case of the latter, the design of the bend should be reviewed to determine if a larger centerline radius is acceptable. Often only a small increase in the centerline radius will obviate the need for a platform bend die.