If you are unsure of the link sizes you wish to order, please reference the dimensions below to find the correct size.

#6 link.472″0.371″.118″.128″
#7 link.623″0.496″.174″.128″
#8 link.750″.621″.197″.258″
#9 link.872″.746″.278″.258″
#10 link1.060″.870″.299″.316″
#11 link1.371″1.119″.364″.316″
#12 link1.750″1.493″.602″.516″

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This drawing and all the information it contains is the property of Bend Tooling, Inc. and is CONFIDENTIAL. The recipient of this document and its information cannot use, distribute, reproduce, or replicate it in whole or in any part for any purpose other than to transact business with BTI.

DISCLAIMER: Although BTI links may be interchangable with other linkage systems and/or mandrel components we cannot guarantee that they are fully compatible. For best performacne we recommend using all BTI components for each mandrel system.